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Some of my favorite things!

Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens - A great place to spend the day
Bedners Greenhouse - My favorite garden center

Baby/Kid Stuff
Happy Baby Company - A Pittsburgh based online store & source for everything cloth diapers
Bandy - Friends of mine who make cool wooden toys
Wholesome Baby Food - Good resource for starting solids, including recipes to make your own baby food
Le Leche League - Resource for successful breastfeeding
Dr. Sears - Endless source of everything related to child health

Local Food
McConnells Farm - Growers of the best peaches you'll ever taste
Kretschmann Farm - Wonderful organic CSA

Natural Stitches Yarn Shop - Awesome selection of yarn & great classes
Cosymakes - My favorite knitting blog
Knit Picks - Great online yarn store